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Generate More Revenue from the Web



Whether your revenue is derived from e-commerce, advertising, subscriptions or whatever, making more, makes more sense.

Affinitomics™ works in the background to discover the most valuable relationships for a given context, and makes them immediately available – saving a ton of time. And when it comes to business, saving time is saving money.

Start making more, saving time, and spending less for as little as $19.95 per month.



Faster Conversions

(More Sales)

Boost conversions as much as 67% by instilling context and transforming “flat” data into 3-Dimensional “smart” data. Once applied, data becomes self-aware, with the ability to match, rank and relate to other data. This means you get the right information, in the right place, at the right time.

Increase Stickiness

(Deliver More Page Views)

When people are engaged, they visit your site more often, making it more “sticky” – up to 53%. And when your site delivers more relevant pages, the folks who stick around are motivated to act. And by “act” we mean making sales and increasing click-thru.


Make Better Connections

(Enhanced User Experience)

The Internet is increasingly social. And making the right connections is the key to making the user experience fruitful and your site more successful. Affinitomics turns flat profiles into “smart” archetypes designed to supercharge Matching, Ranking and Relating, so your members don’t have to sift through meaningless “noise” to find meaningful relationships.


Deliver More Relevant Ads

(Improve Click-thru)

Don’t waste all the time and money you’ve spent getting visitors to your site. By instilling context into your data, the data itself works in the background Matching, Ranking and Relating to other data. That means your visitors see more of what they really want, which is really what your advertisers want.

Monetize Your Data



Affinitomics makes short work of big data discovery

Most companies face the same challenges managing and monetizing their data: the volume, the variety and the cost. Although there are many “big data solutions,”Affinitomics™ is the only solution that makes analyzing and monetizing data affordable to the NOT Fortune 100.

And let’s be clear. When we say “affordable,” we mean Total Cost of Ownership, including: Integration, License/Subscription, Use, Flexibility, Support and Maintenance.


Rapidly Analyze Data

Time is money. And the longer it takes to get real meaning from your data, the more expensive it is going to be. Not only does Affinitomics™ rapidly speed-up delivery, you can make meaningful discoveries without hiring costly technical people.

Our solution doesn’t change your data or burden it with more meta data. Instead, it dimensionalizes the data giving it context and making it aware of similar data (draws), and dissimilar data (distances). This hyper-contextual data delivers fast results to the minds and fingertips of your current staff.


Discover Unexpected Connections

Forget about “trial and error” with complicated search strings and time wasted searching through drives. Affinitomics™ not only delivers meaningful results faster, the “smart” data works in the background making connections that the operator may not have considered.

Get Disparate Data Talking to Each Other

If all your data doesn’t understand each other, it’s going to be hard deriving value from it. And today it’s not uncommon to have data stored in a myriad of places (silos), in a bunch of different formats. Affinitomics™ solves this problem by imparting a “common language” to all data, regardless of file type, database, location or language.

Increase Performance without Adding Resources

Your data truly does hold the key to greater efficiencies. The challenge is putting it to work without putting more people to work. Designed for ease of use, no specialized technical skills are required to run Affinitomics™. And in most cases, the tech can be integrated by in-house IT or programming staff. Once installed a custom dashboard presents you with familiar point and click operations, drop down menus & tool bars appropriate for either desktop, notebook, or tablet use.

Affordable Solutions Starting at $19.95


(Seemlessly integrate into any product, app. or system)

Developers at all levels can easily implement Affinitomics on virtually any platform. A full API, JSON objects, sample code and a free developer sandbox make getting started a breeze. Download our tools free, take us for a test drive, and choose a model when you “turn the lights on.”



(WordPress™ Plug-in)

In the “WordPress World” Affinitomics is a plug-in known as ai-mojo. It installs and deploys in mere minutes and features a free trial with subscriptions starting at under twenty bucks per month.