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FAQ: General

Q: Do I need to purchase anything else in order to use Affinitomics?
A: No
Q: After I implement the technology, do I have to change how we operate internally?
A: No. Your staff will function as they normally do. The only exception may be in the way you choose to save newly created Affinitomic elements.
Q: How and where is the data stored?
A: We don’t store your actual data. We only store markers.
Q: What pricing tier can I expect to fall into?
A: Pricing is primarily based on transactions (refer to the pricing page for the definition of a transaction). Each tier provides descriptions of companies that generally fit into the tier.
Q: What kind of support should I expect?
A: All Affinitomics users can expect some level of support. The pricing columns will give you a good indication of that level.
Q: What type of staff do I need to implement, maintain and utilize Affinitomics?
A: Generally no special technical staff is required.
Q: Do I have to integrate the Affinitomics technology completely or can I implement it over time?
A: You can implement Affinitomics all at once or over time. A Prefrent team member will help you make that decision based on your needs.
Q: How does the billing work?
A: You can choose to be billed monthly or yearly. (Discounts apply if billed yearly.)
Q: What if I go over my subscription/contract?
A: We will notify you if you exceed your monthly transactions. You will only be billed for the higher subscription level when you have exceeded the transaction limit 3 consecutive months. (Please see pricing page for complete details.)
Q: Does it matter who or how many people use Affinitomics?
A: No. Your license is assigned per API or ai•mojo key. The number of users is irrelevant as each license is billed based on the number of transactions.
Q: Can I keep Affinitomics separated from our current system?
A: Yes, it can be applied to particular data stores and customized so that only authorized users can access.
Q: How do we access and extract value from Affinitomics once implemented?
A: The Affinitomics’ process is unique in that it is incredibly flexible. That means your client app can easily be customized to meet the needs of different departments and users. User interfaces will feature common drop down menus and “drag and drop” functions.
Q: How do I keep track of what the tech is doing and how it’s being used internally?
A: Each subscriber will have a basic dashboard that will display usage. Premium subscriptions come with expanded dashboards and each dashboard can be customized further.
Q: As our organization grows or changes, will we be required to upgrade Affinitomics?
A: No. Because of our unique process, the tech will never be obsolete and it will never require additional programming to accommodate changing needs.
Q: What if I don’t like the technology after testing or using it?
A: No problem. Since we didn’t change your raw data, you can simply flip a switch and turn it off.

FAQ: Technical

Q. What versions of WordPress and php are required for ai•mojo?
A: ai•mojo requires WordPress 3.5 or better, and php 5.3 or better.
Q: How much storage do I get in the Affinitomics™ Cloud?
A: Users are granted space for 1,000 Affinitomic™ constructs and transactions for roughly 10,000 pageviews per month. Larger accounts are available here.
Q: How many Archetypes will I need?
A:An Affinitomic Archetype can be applied to a post, page, custom post-type, or archetype (Affinitomics’™ custom post type). So 1,000 archetypes could be 50 pages, 900 posts, and 50 ads if you didn’t assign individual Archetypes to members.


Why Affinitomics – Getting Started

This walkthrough details the steps and what to expect when working on large projects with Prefrent and Affinitomics™?


Getting Started


I just imported a bunch of posts with Affinitomics™ and they still link to the old URL.
The posts you import had an AFID (a unique identifier for use in the Affinitomics™ Cloud) that still points to the old URL. To fix this, simply go to the ai•mojo admin menu, select “Export,” check the “Make it so” box and click the export button.


Once the progress bar hits “done” your links will be fixed.

Affinitomic elements saving but shortcode doesn’t work.
This issue has been resolved by the release of aimojo™ version 1.1

Please upgrade to this version, particularly if you were using Affinitomics for WordPress as that plugin is no longer supported.


This version fixes a handful of previous issues, paramount amongst them was accounts not registering with the Affinitomics server correctly.


Make Categories shortcode element work with WooCommerce



ai•mojo short codes can show matches by category. WooCommerce has its own “product-category” so if you’d like to list it alongside any other post-type, you’ll want to add the following code snippet to your child theme’s functions.php

function add_categories_to_products() {
    register_taxonomy_for_object_type( 'category', 
'product' );
add_action( 'init', 'add_categories_to_products' );

Now WooCommerce will have two types of categories – Those native to WordPress, and those only used by products. This allows the following shortcode to show all posts AND products concerning gear.





What shortcodes are available for ai•mojo and WordPress?

[afview] This tells Affinitomics to build a dynamic menu list. Without other parameters, it uses the Affinitomics of the page to create the menu list.

[afview display_title=”false”] This creates a dynamic menu without a title. The title displays by default and shows what Affinitomics were used as a criteria to create the menu list.

[afview category_id=”143″] This short code tells Affinitomics to build a menu list based on the Affinitomics of the page, but to restrict the list to a particular category. In WordPress the category is listed in the admin dashboard.

[afview limit=”4″] This short code tells Affinitomics to limit a menu list to a specific number of items, in this case to 4.





CSS styling for aimojo and WordPress
The following CSS classes can be used to style the smart-list returned by Affinitomics short codes.

  • afview
  • aftitle
  • afsubtitle
  • afelement
  • afelementurl
  • afelementscore




Custom “JumpSearch” (Google CSE with Affinitomics™) placement
In the Affinitomics settings page in WordPress, you can place the JumpSearch at the top or bottom of pages and posts. With the following line of php code, in a template or snippet, you can place it wherever you want.




Open Issues

ai•mojo & form conflict
In WordPress, post-types that use Affinitomics and are created with a front-end form, may need to be saved from the backend as well to work properly. This should be fixed in the next update.

Additional Questions

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