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Why Choose Affinitomics?

e-Commerce, Social Networks and Advertising

Affinitomics™ means that consumers find what they’re looking for faster while increasing their satisfaction with the user experience. For e-commerce this translates directly to increased conversion. Social networks will create better connections faster. And properties generating revenue through Internet advertising will become more relevant as consumers and subscribers stick around.

AI for IT and Intranets

By drastically reducing noise, Affinitomics™ saves time by ensuring that the right documents are quickly available to the right people for any given task. Time wasted searching through drives, or “trial and error” with complicated search strings becomes a thing of the past. IT professionals will quickly realize an increase in the performance of intranets without adding workload or increasing staff.

Distilling Value from Your Data

With Affinitomics™ unlocking the value of your data becomes a much smaller and more rewarding task. The technology provides a means of rapidly analyzing data for valuable discoveries, and creates a more efficient means of disambiguation,
and clustering.

Why Affinitomics™

Ok, so it works for the web, what about proprietary systems or databases that don’t connect to the web?

Smart Big Data

In the age of “Big Data,” companies run the risk of falling further and further behind.

Business Online

aimojo™ and Affinitomics™ transform “flat” data into “smart” data on any CMS or site.

Deploying A.I.

Affinitomics™ Can Be Deployed in a Model Best Suited to Your Enterprise no Matter What it Might Be.

Integration Made Easy

What to expect from Prefrent in a typical engagement involving integration, migration, and into the future.

Modern IT Needs

Affinitomics™ is a Smart Way to Add Intelligence to Your System without Sharing the Spotlight.

Interconnected Data

Affinitomics™ by Prefrent™ is the First Affordable Intelligent Data Bridge for Disparate Knowledge Stores.

Every company has at least two goals in common: 1) Be successful, 2) Maintain that success.

We understand that this might be the only thing you have in common with other enterprises which is why we’ve engineered Affinitomics™ to integrate easily with almost any IT configuration you might need – even if you face compliance issues like ITAR and HIPAA. Our JSON / REST based API is easy to understand and implement, and our end-point interfaces are ever expanding to accommodate common applications like Salseforce® and WordPress.

Contact us today and lets discuss your company’s needs.

We’ll show you the how to get ROI from AI.

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Hyper-contextual properties are 53% more “sticky.” People are more engaged and visit more often if your site is sticky.

Hyper-contextual properties are 67% More likely to convert customers from visitors to actors.

Need A.I. to give your company the edge? Deploy Affinitomics™ and save 90% of system development costs.

Affinitomics™ is 73% to 98% Faster than deploying exhaustive Micro-Data or Microformats.