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aimojo™ and Affinitomics™:

Smart, Powerful, and Affordable A.I. for the Web.

aimojo-logo-white-™-300After all, you’re doing business on the web. Business. And whether your revenue is derived from e-commerce, advertising, subscriptions or whatever, making more, makes more sense. aimojo™ and Affinitomics™ make virtually any CMS smart by turning “flat features” like tags and categories into 3-D uber info – giving your data context and making it aware of similar and dissimilar elements. The result is faster, more accurate access to information with a lot less noise. And a bigger, better bottom line.

If WordPress is your preferred platform you can use aimojo™ for as little as free, with subscriptions starting at $19.95. The WordPress downloadable plugin installs and deploys in minutes. Before you know it, you’ll be making more, spending less, and saving time on all your projects.


Affinitomics™ is for everyone else – an affordable way for developers at all levels to implement AI. With a ReST-based API and JSON objects, Affinitomics™ is a breeze to integrate and utilize, and because our cloud servers do the heavy computational lift, your applications stay lean and fast.

With a library of sample code available from our public github repository, you’ll be able to integrate intelligence into your project in no time at all. Check out the API documentation and get started today.

Affinitomics Cloud.

Both aimojo™ and Affinitomics™ use the Affinitomics Cloud™ to work their magic. This service manages the A.I. layer used by Affinitomics™ technologies and monitors archetypes, transactions, and system health. It currently uses our default algorithm that is focused on hyper-contextuality. We’ll be evolving our cloud to allow you access to a growing list of algorithms from which to choose – making Affinitomics™ an even smarter solution for your business needs. We call it the Affinitomics Cloud™ and it’s going to change how the web gets work done.

Affinitomics Cloud