Affinitomics™ is FREE for everyone to test drive, with affordable subscriptions based on usage.

If you work in the WordPress™ world, give the ai•mojo™ plugin a try.

For everyone else, Affinitomics API is ready to roll.


* Models are estimates and will vary from company to company.     * If you go over your transaction limit by one tier, you will be notified but not billed for the overage.

* If you go over for 3 consecutive months you will be billed for the proper tier in month three.     * If you jump more than one tier you may be billed for overage.

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What's a transaction?

Any time Affinitomics performs an operation on the server, defining a new Affinitomic element (syncing a new page or post with the server), or comparing an Affinitomic element to other elements it’s a transaction (a short code getting back an index of relationships). Any page with Affinitomics short code will generate a transaction when it is visited.

Are page views transactions?

Page views are transactions only if they contain Affinitomic short codes or functions. If they contain Affinitomic elements, but not any functions or shortcodes, they are only counted as transactions when they are created or the Affinitomic elements are updated.

Is it possible to have multiple transactions per page view?

Yes, each short code on a page will generate a transaction. Keep in mind however, that transactions are generally a fraction of the cost of serving the page – even without Affinitomics.

What are archetypes and how many do I get?

An archetype is any object, web page (or post type)  that contains one or more descriptors, draws, or distances such that the information can be intelligently compared to other objects or archetypes in a system. Unregistered free accounts have 1,000 archetypes to work with. Registered free accounts are increased to 5,000 archetypes (the same as a Standard account), Premium accounts can use up to 20,000 archetypes. If your situation requires more archetypes, contact – depending on the use, there may or may not be an added fee. Applications requiring many more than 20,000 archetypes usually fall under our enterprise license. Contact for a quote.