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We’re here to make the web smarter.

It’s 2016 and we still don’t have flying cars. Similarly, the web has become, in many ways, a huge disappointment. We still haven’t conquered spam. Search hasn’t really gotten any better, and advertising still relies largely on banners and bugs. We can’t do anything about the car issue, but we can fix the web. Affinitomics™ makes information aware of its surroundings, use and context. With this evolutionary leap, the web can become self organizing, intrinsically relevant, faster, and more secure – no sneaky tracking cookies, no code left surreptitiously in flash or browser memory.

The web will work better, be faster, use less, and be more private all at the same time. Everyone benefits. You and I get a better, faster web and mobile experience, and companies reach the right consumers, faster. Even programmers and developers win. Affinitomics’ operators and APIs will enable rapid web and application development of new, intelligent programs and services while giving existing applications and sites a layer of intelligence that will make them agile and relevant.

We’re Prefrent, and in short, we’re here to fix the web. It’s a tall order and we know we’ll need your help – welcome to the cause.