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Affordable Intelligence.

The Bolt-On A.I. Layer for the NOT Fortune 100.
aimojo™ is not magic. It’s a breakthrough technology that makes data self-aware and self-organizing. In essence, creating a smarter Internet. Now everyone on the web can make more, spend less and save time.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Arthur C. Clarke

As in More Money, and More Impressions, While Serving Less.

make-moneyWhen data is aware of itself and its context, it’s far better at matching, ranking and relating to other data. And once that happens, Shazam! Results are more relevant and delivered much faster with fewer pages required for conversion.  Learn more here

  • Increased “Stickiness” 53%
  • Increased Conversion Rate 67%
  • Increased SEM (deep linking) 87%
  • Noise reduction 90%

A Lot Less. Like a Pro Athlete’s Salary Less.

saveThe Internet elite spend millions and millions building complex and intelligent classifiers. aimojo™ reproduces the same algorithms in minutes. That means no more disapearing act for your development dollars. 

  • Drastically reduce the cost of development – as much as 90%.
  • Lower Bandwidth and storage costs by reducing or eliminating cookies and tags.
  • Reduce the Cost of Sale with fewer page loads and quicker conversion.

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Reduce Costs as much as 90%

Time and Time and Time Again.

watchIt’s no illusion. aimojo™ installs in seconds, converts existing systems in minutes, utilizes “smart” short codes to replace pages of traditional coding, self-updates, automatically creates smart menus, and retains application settings across platforms and devices. Voila, you just got your weekend back.

  • Massively reduce the amount of code and time coding.
  • Get to market much faster.
  • Bolt-on technology installs in seconds.

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  • Page load times cut 33%
  • Find what you need (noise reduction) 90%
  • Time saved programming 98%

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Our infrastructure is an important part of supporting our customers. Because of this, we host key elements of our solution at Pressable, WPEngine and Heroku. We use Stripe for payment processing.