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Prefrent is excited to announce that Ironlight has chosen Affinitomics™ technology to power it’s upcoming Knowledge-Ecology Engine (KEE) product. The service will allow individuals and entities to publish knowledge driven micro-sites or, embed knowledge elements in existing sites, to communicate transformative information in a way that transcends cultural and economic boundaries.

Ironlight KEE™ will play a pivotal role in reducing Cross-Cultural stasis and enable charities, NGOs, and developing governments to communicate more effectively.

Headed by Raymond G Ferrero III, Ironlight Consortium is a foremost authority on cross-cultural stasis and its adverse effects on humanitarian efforts worldwide. Working to bridge these communication gaps has become one of the organization’s primary missions.

“Ray’s advocacy for humanitarian efforts and technologies is a genuine gift to the world community. We’re incredibly proud to be involved in this project out-of-the gate, and see it as an important step to helping charities and NGOs in developing nations communicate better, and achieve success faster.” ~ Rob Hust.

For more information on Ironlight Consortium, go here.