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Affinitomics [af-fin-ihtom-i-ks] noun 

1) is a technology used to model, assess, and act upon contextually relevant clustering or distancing of objects or features within a collection.

2) A system for enabling the use of semantic relationships and polarization within hypermedia.

3) The technology for, and practice of, assessing, modeling and/or measuring contextually relevant features exhibited by, or attributed too, a person, place, thing, concept or construct in such a manner as to describe, assert, imply or infer the existence, strength and/or relative scale of (a) an affinity for (positive relationship,) or (b) a repulsion from (negative relationship), any other person, place, thing, concept or construct. Therefore, within any given context, any two or more people, places, things, concepts or constructs can be described by any such relationship and measured in relative or probabilistic terms. This technology has considerable application in cloud computing and for the efficiency of the internet and related infrastructures.

4) A patent-pending technology from Prefrent, Inc. to make information self-organizing based on contextual relevance or clustering, asserted as a trademark – Affinitomics™.

Related forms;
affinitomic, adjective
affinitomically, adverb