Get Smart Data Without Stupid Money

An Affordably Intelligent Way to Structure Data

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Get Smart Data Without Stupid Money

The Only AI Solution that Integrates in Minutes, Saves Hours, and Makes the CFO Smile!

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A.I. For Internet

If you are generating revenue on-line, learn how to Make More, Spend Less and Save Time.

Business Online

Connecting an intelligent web to apps, appliances, and wearables.


Unlock the hidden value of your data. Your data holds the key to higher profits and greater efficiencies.

Managing Your Data

Enterprise A.I.

Now all your data essentially speaks the same language. Access your entire knowledge store from one place, and deliver hyper-relevant results much faster.

Universal Interface

Unlock the hidden value of your data. Your data holds the key to higher profits and greater efficiencies.

Managing Your Data

An IT tool that actually improves the performance of your intranet without adding workload or increasing staff.

A.I. for I.T.

Partner With Prefrent

We are actively looking for business, development and integration partners to help us expand the use and value of Affinitomics™ across the web. We’re open to any thoughtful business development opportunity, or application co-development and marketing opportunity that helps us and you. If you have such an idea or opportunity that you’d like to share, please contact us today at 888.974.6633 or

The Founders of Prefrent have used their own seed funding and attention to bring this powerful project to fruition. While we know we could continue organically, we suspect that the right investment partner(s) could make a huge difference marketing the technology and helping us conquer the web. We don’t care to crowdsource, and we’re a little particular, but we’ll welcome the right (qualified) visionary partner with open arms. If you are a qualified investor and think we’re onto something, please contact us today at 888.974.6633 or

Affinitomics™ Makes All Data Smart by Instilling Context and Data-Awareness.

Affinitomics transforms “flat” data into  3-Dimensional “smart” data. Once applied, data becomes self-aware, with the ability to match, rank and relate to other data. This means you get the right information, in the right place, at the right time.

Affinitomics™ works in the background to discover the most valuable relationships for a given context, and makes them immediately available – saving a ton of time. And when it comes to business, saving time is saving money.

Save More and Make More with the Power of Affinitomics™

Proprietary algorithms and in-house solutions are inherently expensive and start to become obsolete the minute they are switched on. Affinitomics™ on the other hand, becomes a part of the data and is not dependent on your OS, software language, or hardware – we do the heavy lift, and your company benefits.

Low Integration Costs

Simple to Deploy and Use

Simple to Maintain and Expand

No Need to Add to IT

Hyper-contextual properties are 53% more “sticky.” People are more engaged and visit more often if your site is sticky.

Hyper-contextual properties are 67% More likely to convert customers from visitors to actors.

Need A.I. to give your company the edge? Deploy Affinitomics™ and save 90% of system development costs.

Affinitomics™ is 73% to 98% Faster than deploying exhaustive Micro-Data or Microformats.