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The Only A.I. Solution that Integrates in Minutes, Saves Hours, and Makes the CFO Smile.

If you are looking for a way to put stores of data to work making money, mitigating risk, saving time and improving customer satisfaction, you’re not alone. The majority of businesses, on and off the web, are looking for an affordable, risk free means to derive value from their data.


The Difference is in the Data

And we figured out how to get the value out,

without putting expensive programming hours in.

Our proprietary methodology uses what’s already there, transforming “flat” data into three-dimensional proxies of itself. Now the data is “smart” with descriptors (its context), draws (what it likes) and distances (what it doesn’t like).

Conventional artificial intelligence solutions take the opposite tack. Their methods rely on complex algorithms and massive programming hours to create layers of meta data designed to further define the original information.

The Risk Free Solution

To be a truly “risk free,” an A.I. solution must be: 1. Affordable, 2. Easy to maintain, 3. Immune from obsolescence, and 4. Completely non-invasive.

The price and the process make the “Affinitomics’ Decision” a “no-brainer.” This “bolt-on” technology features free trials and affordable subscriptions, and in most cases requires no specialized IT skills to maintain and operate.

Simply install the WordPress™ plug-in, or integrate the tech via our open API. Once installed a customizable dashboard utilizes familiar point and click operations, drop down menus & tool bars appropriate for either desktop, notebook, or tablet use.

If you like the results “rock on.” If not, simply turn Affinitomics off. No harm, no foul.